Last week I was lucky enough to get to squeeze myself (and mini vegan) into a posh frock to attend the Venus Business Awards. I’m super proud to have gotten down to the final 3 in the “online business” category:

finalist badge

as well as nominated for “entrepreneur of the year”, “home based business” and “small business of the year”:


I thought it would be rude to turn up without some vegan cupcakes so I made these for the organiser, Tara (and got this ace feedback: “They were amazing. I’m craving more now. Want more Hannah Banana cupcakes NOW AHHHHHHH!!! I’m addicted and sad – they are all gone and I ate every single one!!!!! How can you share something like this????”)


giving cakes

Photo credit: Kimberley Garrod

I have to say I’m pretty scared of posh events as its not exactly what I’m used to! Especially when there’s a red carpet to pose on…

all of us


I’m even more scared of eating in places that aren’t vegan friendly as I’m not always sure they understand the difference between vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. I’m sure any vegans reading this will have been given something that is clearly not vegan (I was given chicken once) or something that is super bland (fruit salad anyone) so I made sure I took a cereal bar in my bag! Almost every time I ask somewhere to do a vegan dish its usually: fruit  or soup then risotto or ratatouille then more fruit or if Im super lucky sorbet so it was funny to see this mega posh hotel kept true to that tradition!



After food came the awards ceremony..(gulp) It made me very excited to see myself in the brochure

place setting

as well as on the big screen!


Unfortunately I didn’t win the award but I did meet some lovely people who have their own local small businesses and it was great to talk to lots of them about why Im vegan and how easy and healthy it is. Hopefully now a few people will be tempted to try something vegan and maybe look at my cakes and see they don’t have to all be dull and boring because they’re cruelty free. Bring on next year I say! 🙂