To celebrate winning the “best vegan cake” award at the UK vegan awards and reaching over 3000 likes on Facebook I thought you deserved a nice big give away!

What do I win?!

One lucky winner will win ALL of the following (including postage right to your front door (UK only!) with an RRP of £63.47!!

1. Your choice of any vegan treat from my new Christmas range (buy yours here)

Gooey brownie mix (RRP £6), pecan and chocolate chip cookie mix (RRP £6) or candy cane and marshmallow drinking chocolate (RRP £6)

2. Are you sure that’s vegan by Claire Gosse (check out some of the recipes here) This amazing vegan treat book is ONLY available in America and cost me £25 to get a copy posted to the UK!

3. Allergy free Desserts: gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soya free and nut free recipes by Elizabeth Gordon (check out some of the recipes here)

RRP £15.99

4. Santa, sleigh and reindeer patchwork cutter for all of your Christmas cakes!

RRP £3.40

5. Cupcake cake pop mould to make super cute cake pops!

RRP £12.99


1. Go to my Facebook page or my Twitter page and share/ Retweet the photo that looks like this:

2. Tell me why you should win!


NOTE: 1 entry per person, UK only, winner will be drawn at 8pm on Sunday 25th November 2012  MONDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2012

people who have entered:

  1. Gemma Watts (fb)
  2. Samantha Child (fb)
  3. Paul Initonit (twitter)
  4. Viktoria Alexandra Hricíkovà (fb)
  5. Mary Shepherd Nee Grapes (fb)
  6. Chris Walsh (fb)
  7. Nicola McClements (fb)
  8. Jess Fitzgerald (twitter)
  9. miss ducks rock (twitter)
  10. Samantha Pol Fuller (fb)
  11. Alison Goodhew (fb)
  12. Maria Thornhill (fb)
  13. Nancy Priston (fb)
  14. Kirsty Bayliss (fb)
  15. Harriet Cross (fb)
  16. Michelle Gornall (fb)
  17. Paul Parker (fb)
  18. Laura Layton (fb)
  19. Sharon terry (fb)
  20. Ziggy Woodward (fb)
  21. Iona Duncan (fb)
  22. Kelly Hallett (fb)
  23. Kendra O’ Neil (twitter)
  24. Julia Candy cart Slowley (fb)
  25. Pamela Denison (fb)
  26. Ruth Hawes (fb)
  27. Olli Niyi-Awosusi (fb)
  28. Lorraine Raynie Irving (fb)
  29. Cheryl Kerry (fb)
  30. julia Kerensa Taylor (fb)
  31. Sid Delicious (twitter)
  32. Em Balmer (fb)
  33. Tracy Cole (fb)
  34. Drew Jay (fb)
  35. Ruby Paterson (fb)
  36. TTamsin thomas (fb)
  37. Rita Palmeiri (fb)
  38. Linda Paterson (fb)
  39. Rowan WheatCroft (fb)
  40. Kate Flores (fb)
  41. Laura Evans (fb)
  42. Lisa thornton (fb)
  43. Louisa Smith (fb)
  44. Anna Delves (fb)
  45. Joanne Stokes (fb)
  46. Rachel Bevan (fb)
  47. Beth Lucas (fb)
  48. Becky Jennifer Smithson (fb)
  49. Kat Reeks (fb)
  50. Sarah Boak (fb)
  51. Jessica Sjoholm (twitter)
  52. Laura michael (twitter)
  53. Kezia (twitter)
  54. Lauren Hollas (fb)
  55. David Victor Wilburn Unger (fb)
  56. Hannah Seabrook (twitter)
  57. Philippa Myall-chance (fb)
  58. Matt Reeves (twitter)
  59. Ella Daish (blog)
  60. jo jo (blog)
  61. Fiona kemish (blog)
  62. Rita Palmiera (blog)
  63. Beth Lucas (blog)
  64. George (blog)
  65. Sev Lazdzin (fb)
  66. Shelly Turnbull (fb)
  67. Amber Murphy (fb)
  68. Ceinwen Taylor (blog)
  69. Sarah Turner (blog)
  70. Mike Bracher (fb)
  71. Lorraine Raynie Irving (fb)
  72. Louise Mckay (fb)
  73. Hannah Adrian Harris (fb)
  74. Emily Read (fb)
  75. Little blue hen soap crafting company (fb)
  76. Sheena Maxwell (fb)
  77. Jasper Vokes (fb)
  78. Gemma Snow (blog)
  79. Hannah Legges (fb)
  80. Glynis Jones Hastings (fb)
  81. Rach (fb)
  82. Leeanne Hopkins (fb)
  83. Denise Morgan (fb)
  84. Kate Brueningson (fb)
  85. Kate Sparks (fb)
  86. Brooke Gamble (fb)
  87. Alexis Jayne Defoe (fb)
  88. Jason Calvier (fb)
  89. Vegan family (twitter)
  90. Nicola Taylor (fb)
  91. Ella Daish (fb)
  92. Alice Silk White Knickers (fb)
  93. Tracy Alexander (fb)
  94. Liz Shepherd (fb)
  95. Elizabeth Gwynne (fb)
  96. Sophie Green (fb)
  97. Charlotte Hinshelwood (fb)
  98. Chris White (fb)
  99. Searon Ni Bhaird (fb)
  100. Sarah Christie (fb)
  101. Jeanette Tucker (fb)
  102. Eileen Burton (fb)
  103. Liz Shakespeare (fb)
  104. Fiona (blog)
  105. Rach (blog)
  106. Charlie McAliister (fb)
  107. Cal Campbell (fb)
  108. Krys Kagan (fb)
  109. Rachel Haddon (fb)
  110. Catherine Robertson (fb)
  111. Alice Jeff (fb)
  112. Fiona Peacock (twitter)
  113. Chicci cocoa (fb)
  114. Kerry Neal (fb)
  115. Vilhjalmer Cardy (fb)
  116. Liz Shepherd (fb)
  117. Patricia Gough (fb)
  118. Kate Yoko Doran (fb)
  119. (fb)
  120. Tracy Cole (fb)
  121. Vicky Davey (fb)
  122. Sharon Whinn (fb)
  123. Karen Davies (fb)
  124. Jamie Robins (fb)
  125. Roxanne kitty-Shipman Fairbrother (fb)
  126. Lisa Thornton (fb)
  127. Iona Mcleod (fb)
  128. Becca Hugget (fb)
  129. Linzi Stirrup (fb)
  130. Caroline Nobee-Marshall (fb)
  131. Carla Jacobs (fb)
  132. Ruby Mansbridge (fb)
  133. Keren Moulton (fb)
  134. Lesley stopthedeercull Dove (fb)
  135. Kathryn Vere (blog)
  136. Kestral (blog)
  137. Linzi Stirrup (blog)
  138. Mika Ireste (fb)
  139. Sian Parkinson (fb)
  140. Vie O lette (fb)
  141. Paper bag blog (blog)
  142. Siobhan Gallavan (fb))
  143. Fiona (blog)
  144. Alex Faulkner (fb)
  145. Dawn Louise Forster (blog)
  146. Kandee Molish (fb)
  147. Ellie Savidge (fb)
  148. Hannah Monteregge (fb)
  149. Elle Moore (fb)
  150. Liz Ferguson (fb)
  151. Hannah McElroy (fb)
  152. Margaret Hughes (fb)
  153. Claire Efua Harwood (fb)