*ALL VEGAN -No eggs/dairy/animal products*


  • £14 for 6 cupcakes (1 of each flavour)
  • Pick up at 6pm-8pm Monday 15th October (if you do not collect at this time your cakes will be eaten!!)
  • Posted 1st class recorded guaranteed next day delivery on 15th October for and extra £10 (if you would like other postal options thats fine but they may take a while longer to arrive- just ask! 1st class recored: £7.50, 1st class: £6.60, 2nd class: £4.50)
  • order by email: bakery@hannahbananabakery.co.uk (1st come 1st served)


  • Bubblegum fun (Vanilla cupcake with a bubble gum frosting topped with lots of sprinkles and bubblegum pieces)
  • Candy floss cloud (Vanilla cupcake with a candy floss frosting and topped with a candy floss cloud)
  • Peanut butter cup (Fair-trade chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate/peanut butter frosting topped with a chocolate/peanut butter “Oreo” and crushed peanuts)
  • Root beer float (Fair-trade chocolate cupcakes with a root beer frosting topped with white chocolate moustache)
  • Rocky road (Fair-trade chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate frosting topped with marshmallows, chopped nuts and chocolate drizzle)
  • Raspberry pavlova (Vanilla cupcake filled with raspberry jam with a vanilla frosting topped with fresh raspberries and broken meringue pieces)

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The winner will be chosen on Sunday 14th October at 8pm by random number generator (UK only, 1 entry per person)


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