2000 Facebook likes give away!

First of all thank you all so much for liking my bakery page Im super chuffed to have so many “likers” – big fat kisses and high fives to you all 🙂



A vegan buttercream covered 9″ round cake of your choice of flavour and decoration (date subject to availability!) can be made gluten free/soya free/ no added sugar on request

or if you are unable to pick up this item from me or live internationally, you will get a copy of “the Vegan Cookie Connoisseur” by Kelly Peloza (this cook will blow your mind with so many fantastic easy recipe and great photos all the ways through!)


A special fair-trade, organic, vegan Easter chocolate bar and fair-trade, organic vegan chocolate rabbit pop from my new Easter range out this weekend. gluten free


A cupcake shaped cake pop mould so you can make perfect cake pops or cupcake bites every time all the way from America!


An organic, locally printed, ethically sourced limited edition Hannah Banana Bakery tote bag to carry all your shopping about in!


A fair trade, vegan rabbit pop from my Easter range. gluten free


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2. Then you need to tell me why you think you should win!

Once you have entered the competition I will pop your name and number on a list below and draw winners at random on Sunday 18th March 8pm! (you can only enter once and good luck!)

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4. Laur Evans (Facebook)

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