its busy as always in Hannah banana HQ and this week I’ve had some fun making some new cakes including a black forest gateaux (which I just HAD to taste test…):

as well as a yummy boozy fruit cake (that alas I can’t have as I’m straight edge!). Fruit cakes are definitely the most needy cakes in the world and everyone seems to have their way of baking them! I decided to soak my fruit in cherry brandy over night then double line the pan and then surround it in brown card (if its good enough for SIR Eddie Spence then its good enough for me!) i also gave it a little hat for the first hour of baking and it came out lovely smelling like spices and freshly grated lemon rind! (yum!)

It was me and mr Hannah Banana’s anniversary this week so we trotted off to brighton to stuff our little faces in infinity foods cafe and stock up on yummy vegan treats – Yay for brighton!

there are lots of exciting things in the works at the moment: cookery demos, workshops, local business photo shoots, t-shirts, new flavours etc etc!!!! Watch this space! x x