Vegan Valentine’s Day



  • £3 each
  • Boxes of 1 (baby blue in colour), 2 (hot pink in colour) and 6 (mini cupcakes in decoration – see photos below)
  • Pick up (6pm Sunday 12th February) or can be posted next day guaranteed on 13th February (£8 for up to 6 cupcakes)
  • Available in gluten free on request

Available in 1 flavours:

  1. GLUTEN FREE, Fair-trade, organic chocolate with salted caramel butter cream

Rose petal

Bouquet of roses

Coconut dream


ganche of love

Pearly rose


  • £5 each (RRP £8)
  • This cute red cake stand is the perfect accompaniment to your cupcakes and comes beautifully packed and boxed and can be wrapped up with your cupcakes on request


  • fair-trade, organic dark chocolate and white chocolate with strawberry flavoured sprinkles
  • gluten free
  • £5 a bag of 24
  • £3 recorded 1st class postage or 6pm pick up on Sunday 12th February


  • £10 a box of 6
  • gluten free
  • £3 recorded 1st class postage or 6pm pick up on Sunday 12th February

Flavours: (please feel free to mix and match if there’s one you don’t fancy or one you REALLY fancy!)

  1. Fair-trade, organic dark chocolate and natural, organic peanut butter cup
  2. White chocolate ‘strawberries and cream’ heart
  3. Fair-trade, organic dark chocolate covered maple syrup and pecan truffle
  4. The fake ‘Ferrero’ – Fair-trade, organic dark chocolate covered hazelnut praline truffle
  5. White chocolate covered traditional fudge
  6. Fair-trade, organic dark chocolate covered silky marzipan truffle


  • £3 each (with ALL profit going to Oakhaven Hospice
  • peanut butter flavour or gluten free chocolate flavour
  • £4 recorded 1st class postage (for up to 4 pops) or 6pm pick up on Sunday 12th February


  • To order simply send me an email to and I will send you an order confirmation and a paypal invoice 🙂
  • If you have any questions at all PLEASE don’t hesitate in contacting me x x x
  • Postage can be combined on request
  • Thank you x x x