to celebrate the new year and my 10 year vegan-straight edge anniversary I’ve decided to give away some vegan cake goodies!

What are the prizes then?


your choice of one of my Valentines gifts (out later this month)
(they will include hand made cupcakes, truffles and bags of fair-trade chocolates!)


Two winners will receive the first ever boxes of my hand made vegan truffles and will get to see the flavours for the first time! They’re gluten free and can be posted so they’re fine for everyone!


All you need to do is:
1. Share my page on your Facebook or
2. Share my page on your twitter
Tell me why you think you should win the free treats on my Facebook or twitter pages:
the winner will be selected by random number generator on Friday 6th January at 8pm


who has entered so far:

  1. laurevans311 (twitter)
  2. aveganobsession (twitter)
  3. Kate Jones ‘Freaki Kiki’ (Facebook)
  4. Pamela Denison (Facebook)
  5. John Whale (Facebook)
  6. dietitianuk (twitter)
  7. paperbagblog (twitter)
  8. Siân Childs (Facebook)
  9. Caroline Turner (Facebook) cake liberation front (twitter)
  10. Michelle Jukes (Facebook)
  11. Hannah Durdin (Facebook)
  12. Andrea Johnson (Facebook) crafty critters (twitter)
  13. Lisa Thornton (Facebook)
  14. Ziggy Woodward (Facebook)
  15. biffadigital (Twitter)
  16. cyclesch (Twitter)
  17. sssambrux (Twitter)
  18. Aebbe Kitty Karnage Sheppard (Facebook)
  19. Phillippa Ashley (Facebook)
  20. efcliz (twitter)
  21. Liz Wyman (Facebook)
  22. Victoria Moo Bartlett (Facebook)
  23. Sharon Whinn (Facebook)
  24. Gemma Watts (Facebook)
  25. Yiango Mavrocostanti (Facebook)
  26. Bee_Cupcake (twitter)
  27. Louise ‘Cabbage’ McKay (Facebook)
  28. Becky Bentham (Facebook)
  29. S_tohappyvegans (twitter)
  30. Rachel Clary Hallows (Facebook)
  31. Colleen Fullick (Facebook)
  32. Daf Davies (Facebook)
  33. Sofe Anna Hargreaves (Facebook)
  34. Heather Effie Dale-Ball (Facebook)
  35. Suzanne Wood (Facebook)
  36. Yvonne Squires (Facebook)
  37. Caroline Snow (Facebook)
  38. Heather Effie Dale-Ball (Facebook)
  39. Dominique Charlotte Renault (Facebook)
  40. Lilly_Stardust (Twitter)
  41. capt_planet (twitter)
  42. sparkyourgirl (twitter)
  43. leicestervegans (twitter)
  44. RockyTheZombie (twitter)
  45. Bethan Williams (facebook)
  46. Samantha ‘Pol’ Fuller (Facebook)
  47. AimiHealey (twitter)
  48. CornishMaid90 (twitter)
  49. merridanmennell (twitter)
  50. Danielle Fletcher (Facebook)
  51. Chris Walsh (Facebook)
  52. Jason Cavalier (Facebook)
  53. hannahmahony (twitter)
  54. Claire Saunders (Facebook)
  55. Kelly Ann Littler (Facebook)
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  61. Harriet Cross (Facebook)