Sorry it’s been soooo long since I last updated my blog!! Its been a tad busy! I’m fully booked up until mid September now and I’m totally pooped! This cake business thing is much harder than I thought if Im honest..I guess that sounds silly! I thought it could be a few hours a night but it really has to be your life if you want it to succeed. This month I went to the vegan fair in London. I go to it every year and LOVE it. Its so much busier now compared to when I first went and thats excellent! Im so pleased more people are interested in veganism and the fact its STILL only £2 entry – yay! It was a great opportunity to meet some of you lot and put faces to names at last – you’re all so cute! I only got to sell cake pops this year due to lack of transport but I sold out so Im a happy camper!

I managed to meet lots of the other vegan bakers Ive looked up to this year and Im pleased to say they were all MEGA nice and helpful and I can’t wait to try their goodies next time Im near their home towns! My best find this year had to be Ms Cupcakes vegan lemon curd:

which I used inside these yummy vegan ginger and organic lemon cupcakes!!

This week I also made my first BIG cake! It was very scary as Ive never done one this big and it took 2 days!!! Im so happy with it but I would definately have to think twice about doing another one!!

I better head off again as I have cinnamon buns to go in the oven that have been rising for HOURS!! Wish I had an airing cupboard!! Masses of new fun cake flavours coming soon (vegan lemon meringue any one..) AND Halloween cupcakes so watch this space!! 🙂 x x