Gluten free baking isnt easy. Maybe if you use eggs it is? Im constantly being told how great peoples gluten free eggy cakes are and how they simply used Doves farm mix and created a master piece. Unfortunately Ive not found this to be the case with vegan cakes. I found I get a very dry thick cake and a pastry that just cracks 😦 At Christmas last year I started trying to make better gluten free cakes and pastry. I bought every flour I could find and set to work testing them all!

First off I have no idea how people eat bean flours?? If the smell doesnt put you off the taste will! I actually heaved after trying one mix!! Its very hard to find out what each flour does but after a while you can see which flours have similar textures and I just went on that! I also heard that you should up the liquids in your recipes so theyre not as dry so I went about adding more oil, water and milk and this made the texture MUCH better. Then there was the odd after taste. Lots of these flours have a ‘twang’ that I wasnt happy with so I went about working out how much flour to use so I get the texture right but no twang. The twang is easy to hide in chocolate cakes as it has cocoa to disquise it but in vanilla you’re doomed! Eventually after many many failed attempts I found something to hide the flour tastes! Im so happy with all my gluten free mixes now and as for the pastry? Let me show you my easy to roll out, bakes beautifully gluten free pastry!!

Make sure you buy the Daily Echo tomorrow! Im in the leisure magazine bit with a voucher for you!!! 🙂