Ive been super busy again this week trying to join co-ops and wholesalers so I can try and make a little bit of money from my cakes. So far Im no where near making a profit 😦 I guess I just have to hold on tight and wait a few months and NOT IMPULSE BUY! Im a sucker for ebay and Etsy!! Ive decided to keep my cards at home when I go out now so I cant be tempted to splurge – sad sad days! This week I got a fantastic review from Save a Scream website – its TOTALLY made my day and made me all gooey inside:
Today its been BOILING! Im trying to keep all my yummy chocolate from melting by ramming it in the fridge but Im not sure I can get to anything else in there now! I made these yummy maple syrup cream filled chocolate cupcakes with a fairtrade chocolate ganache today – they’re my lunch!! 🙂