Sorry I haven’t updated this for a few days but I’ve been totally flat out making wedding cupcakes for my website. Im really pleased with how they turned out but Sandra Wilks was the real star for taking such amazing photos (and accepting payment in cake!)

I’m lucky enough to have 2 orders a night this week so I’ve been trying to get organised writing invoices and customer order sheets so no-one gets muddled up! Unfortunately on sunday I had a last minute cancellation on a yummy strawberry cake so I’ll have to start taking deposits on all my orders once my business pay pal’s set up 😦 (don’t worry the cake was happily re-homed!)The poor cancelled cake order
As Ive been so busy baking its been lovely to have a couple of my friends over to make flowers and fish with me this week and of course have a nice cuppa and a gossip! Helen made a beautiful rose for her Gran’s cake Im making this friday (so cute) and Ill be adding it to my roses:

Jenni came and had some fun making a little Nemo too but Im not sure I’d want her working for me the amount of times she dropped him on the floor! πŸ™‚
Jenni and her Nemo
I’m super happy to be announcing that I’ll be providing the Art House cafe in Southampton with bi-weekly gluten free vegan cakes from next thursday so I hope you go in and try some and let me know what you’d like to see! Take care I better go and make 3 batches of cupcakes before work!! Yikes! x